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LOTRO to Receive Bombadil PvP Server This Week for The Tournament of the Twins

Opens on June 17

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Lord of the Rings Online will see a PvP server opening up later this week to prep for Tournament of the Twins.

The information arrived in a short forum post by Community Manager, Cordovan,

“The event server Bombadil will open at Noon Eastern (-4 GMT) on Wednesday, June 17th and run through July 14th. More info next week.”

In case you missed it, the Tournament of the Twins was announced in May wherein you’ll either follow Elladan or Elrohir. If these names sound unfamiliar, they are Elrond’s sons. You’ll be able to complete deeds and gain honor.

To start this tournament, you’ll need to head over to Bree-town or Gondamon. From there, you’ll be able to side with Elladan or Elrohir. These two aforementioned zones will be the only two safe zones for the duration of the tournament, so take care.

Additional fixes were also outlined with this tournament, including:

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from changing floor types in their Hobbit-style homes.
  • Fixed a bug where female Stout-axes would switch to male after a name-change. (Not retroactive, if you have this issue please contact CS.)
  • Fixed a problem where housing decorations on yard hooks in interior spaces would disappear when being moved.
  • Quest: An Unexpected Request - The dwarf Grímyr has had his level set to 120.


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