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LotRO Pushes The Humble Homes Of Hobytlan Back A Week, Releasing August 29th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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According to Standing Stone Games on Twitter, the latest update for The Lord of the Rings Online, Update 37's The Humble Homes of Hobytlan, has been delayed a week.

Originally slated to release later this week, the team has pushed the release back for a week. Update 37, in case you were wondering, brings the much anticipated and long-awaited arrival of the River Hobbits to the MMO. While no reason was given for the delay, Standing Stone Games now expects Update 37 to arrive on Tuesday, August 29th.

"We are working to get Update 37: The Humble Homes of The Holbytlan ready for release and we want to update you on our timing. We are currently expecting to release Update 37 on Tuesday, August 29th, and we'll have more information as we get closer to that date. Thank you!"

There is a lot coming down the pipeline for The Lord of the Rings Online, with the upcoming Forester Crafting Event, as well as the update to the Guardian class as part of update 37. There is a lot on the horizon, and that doesn't even include the hype for Update 38, which is the anticipated Umbar expansion. U37 also is expected to bring the stat crunch to the MMO as well as the new Lyndelby premium housing offering to housing enthusiasts.

If you're looking for dev diaries while you wait for Update 37, there is a bit of bad news as community manager Cordovan says on the forums that those dev diaries likely won't be ready until the update. But if that changes, he'll make an announcement.


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