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LOTRO PSA: Today is the Last Day To Log Into Ithil

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Here’s a quick PSA for all you Lord of the Rings Online players out there who may have missed it: today is the final day to log into Ithil.

The team shared the PSA via Twitter earlier:

The world is going to officially become unavailble at 8a ET on June 16 during the weekly restart. However, free character transfer and shared item transfer will remain available through the end of the year. This transfer includes transferring to Legendary World Anor. From December 31 onwards, Ithil will be completely closed which means any and all remaining characters will no longer be able to be transferred.

The LOTRO forum also includes an FAQ regarding this closure and transfer. For example, you may be wondering why Ithil is being closed in the first place,

“Ithil was initially opened in response to a large number of players logging into Anor during the launch of our Legendary Worlds, and while it has been home to many players since then, its population has always been among the lowest of our game worlds. Anor will remain home to our existing Legendary World experience while we bring out new server events and options in the future.”

You can read the full details in this forum post here. And in case you missed it, two new Legendary Servers are on the way, aptly named Shadowfax and Treebeard. Learn about that tidbit of news here. And just last week, the Blood of Azog Update 30 released, bringing about a new raid and new content.


Poorna Shankar