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LOTRO Producer's Letter Looks at 2020

Including a very important wedding

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A Lord of the Rings Online Producer’s Letter looks forward to the rest of 2020.

The letter focuses on future events and releases set for LOTRO for this year. Legendary Items are set to be updated. For the team, they want players to feel progress on their Legendary items will carry forward with the eventual new system.

The first update in the Spring is set to surround war between the Dwarves and Orcs. A new storyline. “The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves,” will debut and continue into 2021 as we visit Gundabad.

Early Summer will include the first Challenge League, which is described as, “a new temporary server that allows players to fight each other for honor, with the defeated required to retreat from the battlefield, rally themselves, and move back into the world to continue the fight.”

The wedding of Aragorn and Arwen is also set to take place in Summer. Fall will see a “mega-update” featuring the War of the Three Peaks, opening up a new front of war for all players regardless of level. Premium housing is coming to Rohan as well. Finally, a new Legendary server is debuting this fall,

“In our current vision for this server, Sauron will play a more active role in punishing heroes who defy his will. At times during play, the Eye of Sauron will open, inspiring all the evil in the world to rally and rise to his dark challenge. These enemies will become far more dangerous during this time.”


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