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LOTRO Patch Brings Fixes to Gundabad Quests and More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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With the Fate of Gundabad expansion now out for Lord of the Rings Online, the latest 31.0.2 patch notes hitting today aim to bring some fixes.

The update touches on items, PvMP, quests, and more. For example, the Gundabad Crafted Brawler belt buckles will now provide you the correct stats. On the armor side of things, any Gundabad-crafted light leg, hand, and foot armor have been tweaked so you can more easily discern them from normal medium armor.

The team disabled the Osgiliath PvMP zone until they can rework it, though no timeline was provided so we’ll have to stay tuned to learn more about this one. Several Gundabad quest-related fixes and tweaks were also included such as:

  • The instance Den of Pughlak has reopened and an issue that could cause a teleportation loop has been corrected.
  • The Clovengap Quest "The Overgrown Vineyard" will now advance properly if you are in a Fellowship and aren't the first one to the quest location, and a quest ring will display in a more specific location on the mini map.
  • The Clovengap Quest "Clovengap Mist-walkers" will now advance properly if you are in a Fellowship and aren't the first one to the quest location.
  • Some missing dialogue in the Deepscrave instance "The Truth of the Matter" now appears in the chat box.
  • Completing the "Assault on Dhúrstrok" instance now advances the corresponding Deepscrave quest.
  • Mozrúk's "Bond" effect now works on Shaikmuz in Tier 3 of "Assault on Dhúrstrok.
  • Múta's "Tenacity of the Dwarves" buff is now stronger.
  • Mozrúk's and Shaikmuz's health have been decreased.
  • Múta's "Tenacity of the Dwarves" buff is now stronger.

You can check out the full patch notes here. We’ve been playing Fate of Gundabad since its LOTRO debut earlier this month. The team shared some behind the scenes information on how they designed the expansion, which you can read here. And stay tuned for our review!


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