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LOTRO Composer Chance Thomas Relaunches HUGESound Records After Being Victim Of Ponzi Scheme

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You might know Chance Thomas even if you don't recognize the name. A prolific video game composer, especially in the MMO space, Thomas is best known in the MMO world for his work as crafting the music for The Lord of the Rings Online. However, in 2018 the company he worked so hard to build over 20 years fell victim to a Ponzi scheme, resulting in a two year journey to reclaim what was rightfully his.

The scheme in 2018 involved HUGESound Post Production owner Gaylen Rust, who Thomas sold his record company to a few years prior, was involved in a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors to the tune of $200 million. As Thomas told the Deseret News, he "lost everything."

“When I sold my business to Gaylen, it included all my composing equipment and music copyrights,” Thomas recently told the Deseret News. “During the years that HUGEsound Post Production was in business, the new music scores I created — including soundtrack agreements and distribution deals — they were also seized by the courts. So when HUGEsound Post Production got shut down, I lost everything.”

However, on March 1st, Thomas triumphantly announced that HUGESound Records was open again, with Thomas describing the situation on the new website. As part of the seziure of the of assets relating to Rust's business, it included the rights to the music that many fans know Chance for, including his Lord of the Rings Online work, as well as other film scores, game scores and IP.

However, according to the website, in November 2020 Thomas was able to HUGESound Records from the mess, taking control and running the record studio independently once again.

In response to the announcement, the official LotRO Twitter congratulated the composer that brought to life much of the world throughout the MMO's history.

You can check out Chance's work on the new website for HUGESound Records, where they will start hosting featured artists come April. To read the full interview with Deseret News detailing the struggles to bring back the studio, check out the story here.

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