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LOTRO Community Manager Vague On Mini-Expansion Details

No real specifics provided

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent conversation on the forums, LOTRO’s Community Manager Cordovan appeared a bit vague in providing details regarding mini-expansions.

A few questions were asked with one specifically asking about the “extras” included in each edition of the expansion. We actually wrote about the mini-expansion here, and you can read our thoughts on why the pricing for this mini-expansion feels tone-deaf.

Cordovan replied,

“It is too early to get into specific item detail. We do expect to have a similar structure to previous offerings, so our historical offerings are a good relative guide.”

Additionally, it was mentioned that the mini-expansion would not be available for purchase with LOTRO Points. To that end, one poster asked if SSG could provide any semblance of timing for how long we’d have to wait for LOTRO Points purchasing to be viable for this mini-expansion.

Cordovan also replied,

“We'd expect it to be available around the same time other expansions have been available for points. This information is also often mentioned in the FAQ on the sales page, which isn't ready yet.”

You can see the entire exchange here.


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