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LOTRO Celebrates Bilbo's Birthday, Delays Harvestmath Festival

Birthday celebrations through tomorrow

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You are all invited to celebrate Bilbo Baggins(es) birthday in Lord of the Rings Online through September 23.

That’s according to a recent tweet from the game’s official account stating as much. In Middle-earth lore, both Bilbo and Frodo share the same birthday. Indeed as LOTRO-Wiki puts it,

“Bilbo and his nephew Frodo share the same birthday and you’ll surely find the residents of the Shire abuzz with rumors of the Riddle-master – a mysterious traveler who appears around this special anniversary to challenge adventurers’ riddling abilities. Can you outsmart the master? Be sure to seek out Frodo and see if you can be of assistance with a matter of some importance.”

Additionally, CM Cordovan shared some details on some other events set to take place. The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner ran this past weekend if you were able to take part. The team is moving out the start date for Harvestmath Festival, though no new dates were provided. These dates will be announced sometime in the future. Finally, the Durin’s Day event seems to be on schedule. The good news here is that regardless of what happens with Harvestmath, Durin’s Day won’t change.

Happy birthday Bilbo!


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