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Lost Depths DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online Will Add Two Dungeons, Expand Bretons Saga in August

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Now that The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest chapter, High Isle is available across all platforms, it’s time to see what’s coming next. If you’ve finished the chapter and want more from the year’s look into the Bretons and various challenges, next month, Lost Depths, the latest DLC, could take care of that wish. The DLC will release on August 22nd, along with Update 25 for the base game.

Lost Depths is a dungeon DLC pack, so while there will be lore to learn, the focus will be on challenges and what you’ll be able to walk away with for your victories. There are two new four- player dungeons that will also build upon all of what has transpired since Ascending Tide and in High Isle. Not long ago, members of the ESO team presented a deep dive into dungeon and boss design, and notably, the lore impacts all of this, from setting to mechanics.  

First up is the Earthen Root Enclave dungeon. Set in a spiritual sanctuary for the druids of the Systres Archipelago, this dungeon sees attacks by the Firesong circle. The reasons aren’t clear from the premise, and you’ll find some answers eventually, but in order for the druids to have a chance, you will have to assist them in the fight to stop the invading forces and protect the relics within. 

The second dungeon in the DLC, Graven Deep, is a location that comes with whispered warnings, and is known as a dangerous area where ships disappear. Naturally, you’ll be heading over there, this time teaming up with a former pirate named Dhulef, and find out more about just what’s going on, finding a challenge on the way.

Rewards for both include item sets, collectibles, and achievements.

Base game update 35 is also coming. This will include balance changes, fixes, an updated combat system, the introduction of bonus “mini-events” for Battlegrounds, and other changes that should improve XP gain in PvP.

Both Lost Depths and Update 35 will be on the PTS on July 11th. For more on the DLC and update, head over to The Elder Scrolls Online.


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