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Lost Ark's Wreck the Halls Update Brings the Summoner and the Brelshaza Legion Raid Tomorrow

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Lost Ark is getting ready to send off 2022 with tomorrow’s update, “Wreck the Halls”. Along with the brand new Summoner advanced class, expect the exceptionally challenging Brelshaza Legion Raid, a new Guardian Raid,new progression materials, Chaos Dungeons, and a holiday event if you need some fun times.

Downtime for the new update will start at 12 AM PST. The Lost Ark team has been touting the difficulty of the Brelshaza Legion Raid, an eight-player raid with six gates and encounters. The level requirements will rise every two gates, and the rewards will also get better as well. Just to start on your way to challenge Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza, you’ll need an item level 1490 for the first two gates. This is designed  to be a very difficult challenge, there's an easier version of the raid to practice the encounter and learn the mechanics, Phantom Astalgia: Déjà Vu, with an item level requirement of 1430. The team will also offer a practice training ground as well to get you ready. 

The update brings the Summoner advanced class for the Mage, with a specialization in summoning elemental spirits to fight for them. Depending on the challenge you find yourself taking on, you’ll summon particular elemental spirits to fight with you, using the powers of lightning, earth, water, and more. The class’ two Engravings also offer some variety in style.

If you’re hungry for more challenges, the Caliligos Guardian Raid is also coming. This new Guardian is regarded as the master of lightning and wields blue lightning against his enemies. Caliligos, in his winged lightning dragon glory,  will be a level 6 Guardian, so be ready and geared up with IL 1490, to take him on.

The update also adds new T3 gear and progression materials, including those brought about by the new Legion raid. There's also a new accessory type in Lost Ark, bracelets. Bracelets boost your stats and have perks but have no Engravings slots, and instead, have fixed bonuses, unless you change them through a special NPC.

For those wanting to see out 2022 with a holiday event, Lost Ark is celebrating on Festivity Island, which you can travel to by boat and help Turry the Polar Bear to get yourself some festive rewards.

Amazon and Smilegate RPG are also working together on strengthening anti-bot changes, including some heightened restrictions on newly-created, not ‘trusted’ accounts, and converting some more quest rewards from gold to silver.

For complete update details, see the notes at Lost Ark.


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