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Lost Ark's Update Did Not Successfully Fix the Ongoing Disconnect Issues, But More Work is Coming

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The Lost Ark team has shared an update on the ongoing disconnect issues. The latest patch that went live overnight took another try at fixing the issue, but there are still instances of it showing up. 

According to an official announcement, “The team is aware that our speculative fix did not positively impact the frequency of player disconnects, and is working through next steps to resolve this issue”.

Adding a “speculative fix” in the update was done once again to try and address the issue, but it seems that they didn’t quite zero in on the cause just yet. Still, the team is requesting more screenshots and detailed reports about when these disconnects happen, so they can continue to work on potential fixes. 

The rest of the update seems to have been applied successfully, which is at least some good news. There were a number of fixes in the update, including to quests being unable to be completed, including due to items not being interactable. 

Another one of the fixes was for players with incorrect Pheon amounts. This following the recent accidental grant, subsequent exploit, and later decision to award all a 30 Pheon grant and take any above that. After several patches and hotfixes addressing issues that sprang up as a result of that issue last week, this could be the last fix needed to resolve all of that.

Still, the disconnect issue has gotten much attention, and this is not the first time the devs have tried out a potential fix. This is a frustrating development, since the issues have persisted for a while now, affecting a section of the Lost Ark community. The team says they’ll continue keeping everyone updated on progress in the same thread, where you can check for any possible updates in the future. 


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