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Lost Ark's Second Round of Server Merges Will Happen on October 12th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The second round of server merges for Lost Ark are set to begin on October 12th. This phase will, once again, result in servers merging and then getting new names.

Last time, the server merges took a longer period of work, so the team notes that we should be prepared to see another possibly long downtime. The regions that will see mergers this time around are Western Europe and South America. The downtime will begin on October 12th at 12 AM PT/ 9 AM CEST and, in Western Europe, there will be four affected servers that become two.

  • Rethramis and Tortoyk will merge and become Ealyn
  • Moonkeep and Punika will merge and become Nia

For South America, the same process will happen, with the following servers merging and taking on a new name:

  • Agaton and Vern will merge and become Arthetine
  • Gienah and Arcturus will merge and become Blackfang

The process taking place on October 12th will match the weekly downtime, and all regions will have downtime begin at the same time. For the two regions that are getting server merges, the downtime will last up to 12 hours. For all other regions, this should be a regular maintenance update, with downtime up to 4 hours. The announcement notes that both Amazon and Smilegate RPG will update on the progress and on just how long all regions’ downtime will ultimately last.

There will be a login rewards campaign beginning after these merges happen. For 15 days there will be a new reward each day, with special bonus items on days 5, 10, and 15. The items will include Phoenix Plumes x20, Honing Support Selection Chests on a few of the days, Utility Battle Item Chest, and more. 

For details on the upcoming server merges, read the announcement over at Lost Ark.


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