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Lost Ark's Roadmap Talks Advanced Class Releases, Communication And More

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Lost Ark fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the June and July content roadmap for the Smilegate RPG title. Thankfully, this afternoon the dev team released their roadmap for the next few months, talking about advanced classes, communication, and more.

The post starts off talking about the release cadence of advanced classes, reminding players that while the MMOARPG has been out in Korea for a few years, there still happens to be a ton of content that the Western release has yet to see. The team is planning on releasing at least one new Advanced Class every two months through the rest of the year, working closely with Smilegate RPG on the faster release cadence. However, the team does warn that the specific "Advanced Class schedule is not set in stone" but the team is planning on bringing the first 21 classes to Western shores before they bring future classes to the MMOARPG.

Amazon also touches on communication, reiterating their promise of transparency, stating that with the team at Amazon understands " the importance of clearly communicating" changes that will impact the title quickly. The team admits that both April and May's roadmaps fell short of this goal. 

As far as the exact content releasing in the next few months, Lost Ark players should expect to see two new raids come to the MMOARPG: the Legion Raid Vykas and a new Guardian Raid, Kungelanium. Single-player fans can look forward to the Thronespire dungeon, bringing what Amazon calls a "twisted dimension with 50 levels." 

The new Advanced Classes will start to trickle out in July, with the Mage's Arcanist. July also brings the Valtan Legion Raid's Inferno difficulty, as well as a new weekly activity, Challenge Abyssal Dungeons. 

You can check out the full roadmap on the Lost Ark website. ICYMI, Anthony recently looked at one of the biggest issues facing the Lost Ark community, the misinformation that perpetuates around servers and forums.


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