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Lost Ark's May Update is a Go, Called Destined for Destruction, and Packed With New Content

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After Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG looked at player progression data for Lost Ark, “Enough of our player base has reached the item level needed to participate" or should get there in time, so it’s full speed ahead with the update, Destined for Destruction. The Destroyer advanced class is included, as well as a brand new Guardian Raid, the first Legion Raid, new quests and world activities, a new gear rarity, and much more.

The Destroyer arrives with his giant hammer to crush enemies and–destroy—them. Destroyers can pull or launch enemies, and apply stagger with damage. This is the fourth advanced class for the Warrior, giving additional playstyle options if your favorite thing to do is crush some foes.

The very first Legion Raid will feature Valtan and will arrive in both normal and hard modes. This new raid type will also introduce Relic rarity gear, which you can craft from materials you earn in the raid. The Valtan Legion Raid is for eight players and will introduce new mechanics, require heavy reliance on teamwork and strategizing to pull off, and take some time to complete. There are two gates in the raid, and passing through each one will save your progress, so that you can give things another go from the checkpoint if it doesn’t work out the first time. Or the second. The requirement to participate is 1415 for normal and 1445 for hard. 

Also coming is a new Guardian Raid, this time with Deskaluda, for item level 1415. You can attempt solo or with a party, or try matchmaking for a full 4-player event. This new Guardian Raid will also drop materials you can use to craft Relic rarity gear.

Each week, there will also be a Challenge Guardian Raid with rotating Guardians, each with its own item level requirement, to take on. These special raids will use a “Scale of Balance” to boost you to an appropriate item level. 

South Vern will be getting new quest content, a new field boss, Chaos Gate, and lots more. There’s also Wild Wings Island, where you can turn into a chicken and take on the huge Chicking boss, if you’re not in the mood for a Guardian Raid. This is the site of new co-op content.

For more, see the full announcement over at Lost Ark.


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