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Lost Ark's July Update Brings Inferno Kakul-Saydon, New Elgacia Quests, and More July 12th

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The July update for Lost Ark is coming on July 12th. The update will bring Elgacia epilogue quests, the arrival of Inferno Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid, and much more.

The team accompanied the date confirmation with a guide prepared by streamer Saintone to the raid, as well as some additional details to prepare for before the full update details and notes arrive just before the patch.

The July update also begins a series of major progression changes in the western version of Lost Ark, including adjustments to ease progression and to make things a little less repetitive. While some of the content will be in the July patch, the bulk of the major changes will arrive in August. 

What is in the July patch  includes balancing out honing again to increase success rates and to, in some cases, decrease the requirements for honing certain gear. Eventually, with the update, honing tier 3 level 1340 gear levels 19 - 20, will cost zero gold. No Pheons will be required to move ability stones and accessories to other roster characters. Rewards for Brelshaza Normal and Hard modes will be better, while the Relic Brelshaza gear will now only require “Phantom Intentions”, earned on Normal difficulty, to craft.

The arrival of Inferno Kakul-Saydon is almost here, and Saintone’s guide walks us through the basic setup, as well as a number of tips for the Inferno raid. Yet if you have already been taking on Lost Ark Legion Raids, particularly in Inferno mode when they are released, you'll probably be okay here. You’ll need item level 1475 to take part, a build created in the Book of Coordination, and no fear of clowns. 

“Generally, I'd say that the overall difficulty of the battle isn't that much higher than Inferno Vykas, so if you've cleared that, you can definitely clear this,” according to the guide. The rest of the guide takes us through strategies, the layout, and how to get through each gate. 

See the full announcement and guide over at Lost Ark.


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