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Lost Ark's Hunt for the Guardian Slayer Update Brings Abyss Raids, New Story, Skins, and Much More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The March update for Lost Ark, Hunt for the Guardian Slayer, is now live. The big update furthers the storyline with the new Kadan story episode, featuring returning characters and new ones, new islands, and new quests. The update also adds the first Abyss raid, the Arkesia Grand Prix racing event,  sets up PVP content,  new skins and a whole lot more.

The centerpiece of the update for many is the continued story content. Since the game launched, many players have gotten through much of the existing quest content and endgame progression awaits. With Lost Ark’s player numbers having grown significantly with the Western launch, expect the content to keep coming as Smilegate RPG’s original keeps getting certain adaptations for newer audiences. The new Kadan story episode involves the search for more information about the Sidereals and for Kadan, known as the first Guardian slayer. This will continue you on the path to find the Ark. You’ll also get access to new islands and new endgame questlines.

The update also adds the brand new Abyss Raid. The Abyss Raid is similar to Guardian raids, so if you took part in those, you'll have some idea what to expect. But the Abyss Raids are intended to be challenging on another level. The first Abyss Raid boss is Argos, and your team of eight will have to coordinate and work to try and claim victory within the allotted time. There are three phases to the encounter and in each of the three phases, Argos grows more powerful and changes up mechanics and attack patterns. The good thing about this is that all of the three phases have their own rewards tables, so you should manage to walk away with something for your efforts.

The update sets the stage for the upcoming Season 1 of the Competitive Proving Grounds, with the season beginning later in the month. These Proving Grounds will let you battle other players and you'll be able to queue up solo for Team Deathmatch modes. These will be ranked eventually so you can start getting fine-tuning your PVP skills soon.

It’s not all hard, deadly battles. The Arkesia Grand Prix event starts with this update, it's a level 50+ fun event that lets you race around a track while transformed and working in teams of 7 vs 7. The event is temporary and will be live for about a month until the April update goes live. 

It’s a huge update that also brings some new cosmetic skins, something many in the community have been requesting. As well as a brand new login bonus campaign, which will be adjusted for Europe West.

See the full details on this very huge update over at Lost Ark.


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