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Lost Ark's Early Access Peaks At Over 530K Concurrent Users On Steam

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Lost Ark's paid early access is certainly proving popular as the servers today counted over 530K people playing the newly released ARPG MMO. While free-to-play, those who purchased founder's packs were able to get a head start early ahead of the "official" February 11th launch.

Launching this morning here in the West, the newly localized MMO from Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games is proving to be rather popular. Players have flocked to Arkesia, prompting the official Twitter account to remind players that there are plenty of servers with lower queues if they just want to hop in and play.

According to SteamDB, over 532K concurrent players tried out Lost Ark concurrently, setting a new peak number for the title in just its first day of early access. Keep in mind, while certainly some of the founder's packs were part of promotions, giveaways and more, it's worth noting that the majority of the players have paid for this opportunity. It's especially notable given that Lost Ark is, at its core, a free-to-play title.

While the numbers have lessened since the peak (sitting around 360K concurrent players as of this writing), it's not hard to assume that once the free-to-play floodgates open that Arkesia will see an influx of more players eager to try out Smilegates ARPG-styled MMO.

We recently reviewed the title, with our reviewer Nick liking certain aspects of Lost Ark, specifically that there is a vertiable truck load of content to work through, though did note that the leveling grind and story are, unfortunately, a bit of a slog.


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