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Lost Ark's December Content Update is So Big, It Will Arrive Over Two Weeks

New continent Voldis is coming, along with new challenges. Later, expect the new gear enhancement system

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 Lost Ark’s December update is so big that the team will release it in two parts. On December 13th, we’ll get “Voldis Wonderland” with the new continent of Voldis. On December 20th, the Endgame Update is finally arriving, with new challenges and the introduction of Elixirs.

Voldis is a new continent on the way. To access it, you’ll have to have item level 1520+. The area is a realm populated by sages and alchemy. There are natural places to explore and cities too. At the mouth of the Ketsla River you’ll find the city of Kalinar. This city is a big one that often attracts tourists looking for wisdom and learning from the sages. In addition to all of the people seeking wisdom and the sages themselves you'll find a number of homunculi running errands  as part of the city's fabric. In the upcoming fight against the Chaos Guardians, the sages of Voldis are going to be helpful to have on your side.

Outside the city is more to explore, including a lot of trees as part of the Great Rainforest. Is inside this rainforest that you will find Mysteries and all new monsters to battle. The people of the forest, the Raiyas,  will also contribute to the story and you can ask for help from them to get into the Sages’ Tower and progress the narrative in the update.  Later on, they will also potentially give you new quests once you’ve completed the main story of Voldis.

This part of the update will also add the Gargadeth Guardian Raid, a new seasonal event, and open up Proving Grounds Season 4.

The December 20th end game update is also a big one. The continent of Voldis holds the new Abyssal Dungeon, the Ivory Tower. This will have four gates and be available in normal and hard modes to start. As Lost Ark players may guess, this new dungeon ties into the new Elixir system and  victories in the dungeon mean getting your hands on these new additions.

Elixirs are part of a new system designed to increase combat abilities and offer bonuses through the use of these elixirs to imbue bonuses in gear. Epic Elixirs will drop from normal mode victories in the dungeon, while Legendary Elixirs come from hard mode. That's only the beginning since you will have to refine the elixirs and then apply them to your gear. this involves other requirements and careful decision making.

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