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Lost Ark's August Update, Wield the Storm, Bringing the Aeromancer and Many Changes Tomorrow.

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 Lost Ark’s August update, Wield the Storm, is coming tomorrow, with the Aeromancer advanced class, new Legion and Guardian raids, some progression events and several major reworks.

Downtime will begin around 1 AM PDT/ 8 AM UTC. Because of the number of changes in this update, and all of the new content, downtime is expected to last about 15 hours. It's a packed update, in line with what the teams from Amazon and Smilegate RPG have told us in their roadmap and promises to overhaul some of the systems, progression, and to make things more fun and less repetitive.

The Aeromancer joins the Artist as the second Specialist advanced class. She uses her large, colorful umbrella and her identity, Sun Shower, to strike at enemies and fill her Sun Shower Raindrop meter. Once filled, she can use abilities that attack enemies and benefit allies and allow her to use powerful weather-based attacks. 

The Sonavel Guardian Raid is coming, and facing him won’t be easy. Sonavel is the changed form of Levanos, who was formerly the Elemental King and protector of Arkesia. He changes and abandons his mission in anger, favoring chaos and darkness. This new raid requires item level 1580 and you can earn yourself honing materials, and have a chance at the new Galewind rune.

Several events will begin, including a number of progression events, a new South Vern Powerpass. That pass will be usable until November 15th. There’s also a Story Express and a Super Mokoko Express option coming for you to designate characters for (or the same one if you’re leveling).

The full patch notes dive deep into the sheer number of reworks that are coming. These include a whole range of reworked rewards and entry details to make a number of encounters, instances, and features, more accessible to more players. As Smilegate RPG and Amazon said in their summer letter to the community, they know that some things have been very repetitive and the on-ramp felt a bit steep, especially for new players.

Much of the changes are coming to try to help those issues, and We should be able to see differences pretty much right away since everything from dungeon rewards to item levels to enter have been adjusted, changes to field bosses, and a number of other features across the entire game.

If you’re headed into Arkesia this week, it’s a good idea to dive into what’s changing to max your experiences.


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