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Lost Ark's August Update Brings Next Major Balance Changes, Aeromancer Class, and More Revamps

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Lost Ark’s August update is approaching, and the team has confirmed that the update will bring the next major balance update to the game.

A date is yet to be announced for the August update, but expect one soon. The new devblog says, “While all of the specifics will be included in the release notes arriving in a few weeks, we can confirm that the next balance patch will arrive in the August Update”. 

While the timeframe isn’t specific, the short confirmation does serve to give the community a heads up to prepare for potential major changes in the next bit update. It will be a significant update, both in terms of new content and continuing the team’s announced progression changes and other tweaks to make things more engaging and less repetitive. 

The August update will also bring the Aeromancer advanced class and two new big raids to challenge. Those raids, the Akkan Legion Raid and the Sonavel Guardian Raid, are on the way, and we'll have to see whether there are other changes or new introductions to accompany them. 

The Aeromancer is the second Specialist Advanced Class, following the Artist. While the Artist used a paintbrush, the Aeromancer uses an umbrella. Her Identity is called Sun Shower, and as she battles enemies, her Sun Shower raindrop meter fills. She can damage enemies while also protecting allies, making the upcoming class someone to consider for your team.

Yet it is the continued major changes that are of note. The latest blog confirmed the August balance changes, and also confirmed quality of life updates on the way,  and “a revamp to the early game tiers”. Changes began starting in July, with the hopes of reducing some of the unnecessary and repetitive content that inhibit newer players and even returning players from successful progression, including with alts. 


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