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Lost Ark Will Tweak Difficulty of Several Raids and Dungeons After Player Feedback

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Citing community feedback over the difficulty of some of Lost Ark’s endgame content, the team has announced some tweaks on the way for several raids and dungeons. The changes will come in the next update and affect T1 and T2 content.

The raids impacted by the change will be the following: Vertus, Nacrasena, Flame Fox Yoho, Tytalos, Achates, and Alberhastic. And the dungeons that should be a little easier and more fun to complete will be: Necromancer’s Origin, Hall of the Twisted Warlord, Hilderbrandt Palace, and Sea of Indolence.

According to the announcement regarding the changes, the feedback was mostly along the lines of finding some of the content more of a slog than it should be. So the team really wants to still have these features be challenging content, but also to be fun too. Players were feeling like they were tedious versus fun and rewarding, and so tweaking the difficulty down a notch was the decision.

The changes will come with the next Lost Ark update, and full details on how each raid or dungeon has been changed will be included in the patch notes when they’re released on Thursday.

There are signs that the player population has been progressing and otherwise still adventuring in Lost Ark. With recent work addressing issues with EU servers and population, there is no word that they’ve reopened the Mari server after some downtime over on US West. Mari was one of the servers marked full after the surge in population during the head start. This means that character creation by players wasn't allowed on certain servers and they were closed to join, or to start playing with their friends on a new character. There’s still no word on when or whether the ability to have server transfers will be coming to the game just yet.

Follow the update on dungeon and raid tweaks over at Lost Ark.


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