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Lost Ark Will Remove Mistakenly Roster-Bound Items, Refund Gold, and Offer Compensation

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The Lost Ark anniversary update brought the opening of the Twinkle Twinkle Exchange shop, and with it, a mistake that made Items intended to be character-bound distributed as roster-bound items.  After deciding to switch the items to character-bound as intended, they’ve changed their mindson how to fix the situation.

Since anything roster-bound means it’s good for multiple characters, it's no surprise that some were in favor of the mistaken items remaining roster-bound. However, there is another solution on the way that involves a reset of sorts.

“Because of the negative impacts that simply switching these items to character bound would have on players who purchased them, we are changing our approach to the situation.”

Since the items players received were not the ones that they thought they were buying, making a sudden switch to character bound items would have had that negative impact.  the other side of this is that if they changed the shop items to be character-bound going forward, some people would be left with roster-bound versions of those items and it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the community.  

How they will handle things going forward is that all of the roster-bound chests won't be usable, movable, or purchasable until after the February 15th update. During the maintenance, they’ll be removed from inventories and gold spent on them will be refunded. When the game is back up, New versions of those chests will be available to purchase in the exchange shop and all items received from them will be character-bound. 

Given the error, and the process by which they’ve decided to correct things, the shop duration will be extended two weeks into the March update to make up for the disruption. 

All players will also get a compensation package for the mistake and the disruption. This will contain:

  • 3-Day Crystalline Aura
  • 2x Regulus’ Light Currency Chest
  • Collective Battle Item Chest
  • Legendary Engraving Selection Chest (Untradeable)

Read the details over at Lost Ark.


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