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Lost Ark Weekly Fixes a Number of Issues and the Team Addresses Disconnects

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Halloween may be a month behind us, but the latest Lost Ark weekly update has fixed several pieces of Halloween cosmetics to ensure they display correctly when applied to Female Gunners and male Martial Artists. The patch also applied several other fixes for a number of issues, while the team updates on more work they’re doing to try to resolve major issues, like ongoing disconnects.

The weekly update this time around is all fixes, and the maintenance follows several hotfixes and other tweaks intended to improve the game experience. Most recently, this affected the Auction House, where many had reported instability, and the number of reports led the team to test out changes in two regions, US- East and Central Europe, before confirming the changes had worked, and rolling it out to the remaining regions.

Today’s fixes include fixing a bug where gold sent with mail was sometimes showing as a negative number,, making sure the Reaper Dawn skin was glowing as intended, and fixing mount names and descriptions to show properly. There’s even an accessibility fix, which involves making sure that photosensitivity warnings appear when appropriate. 

Those Halloween glitches? Things like the Eerie Skeleton Headwear and Eerie Halloween Clown Headwear weren’t displaying correctly, and the Halloween Stronghold theme had an incorrect sales expiration date. 

Since looking over the details of the weekly maintenance does show that the variety of issues fixed this week, while helpful (especially that photosensitivity warning for those that need it), the team added a note to reassure everyone that they’re still working on that big issue that they haven’t quite nailed down a fix for yet –disconnects.

“While this weekly update only directly provides fixes for the aforementioned issues, please note that we are still actively working through ongoing issues surrounding in-game disconnects. We will continue to provide updates and changes to these issues as progress is made, regardless of weekly update status or timing,” it reads.

You can read the full patch notes over at Lost Ark.


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