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Lost Ark Updates the Backend for April Content, With a Second Downtime for NA-West Login Issues

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This week’s Lost Ark update was scheduled for eight hours but was mostly concerned with behind the scenes maintenance on the backend. After the downtime, however, there were reports of login issues that led to the announcement of a second downtime to fix them.

The weekly maintenance updates are usually a mix of fixes and necessary additions, and this week’s was noted as mostly preparation for the next content update coming later this month. Content updates for April are planned to include the new continent of South Vern and the first of the two announced advanced classes, the Glaivier, so holding an 8-hour downtime like this to make those changes does make sense. 

After the update was completed and applied, reports of login issues quickly followed. Despite the long downtime to apply the update and an announcement that the game was back up. Though the team was quick to take action to investigate and hold another hour of downtime (beginning at 3:30 AM PT) to issue a hotfix to help with this issue, one that affected servers in the North America West region.  

After this hotfix was applied, the servers were reported as back online. This latest hotfix follows another one over the weekend that was held to help fix player connection issues. This issue also affected the North America West server region.

Should there be no more stability issues, besides being prepped for more content soon, the update also served to refresh the in-game attendance awards for the period ending on April 21st. The new rewards schedule is:

  •   Regulus’ Light Currency Chest x 5
  •     Battle Items Chest x3
  •     Phoenix Plume x 30
  •     Fusion Material Selection Chest x 2
  •     Leap’s Essence x 3
  •  Una’s Tasks [Daily] Instant Completion Pass x 5

For more on the update, as well as followup work, head over to Lost Ark.


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