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Lost Ark Update Will Add the Reaper, Overhaul the Tripod, and Change the Economy to Fight Bots

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Lost Ark will add the Reaper, the third advanced class for the Assassin in tomorrow’s update. The update, “Feast With Friends” will also open new progression events, add the skill effect (“Tripod”) update, overhauls to help the economy, and some helpful new systems.

The Reaper will enter Arkesia, along with a new Punika Powerpass, which will let you instantly level any character to item level 1302 and get proper gear. Hyper Express also returns, as a way to earn honing materials and to level faster. While you could use these for a Reaper, the Summoner will be out in December, and there will be no new Powerpass or Express when that class is out, so You are interested in the Summoner at all, you may want to save these opportunities.

The Lost Ark team is also tweaking the economy and changing some gold distribution in order to fight inflation. Just as in real life, inflation has been an issue in Arkesia, so they’ll be Changes that further push some gold earning back later in the game to dissuade the creation of bots to earn early gold. This is similar to previous changes to fight botting, and includes removing gold from welcome quest completion and from Rapport rewards. 

They’re also adding a gold sink in the form of a gold shop vendor, who will have themed chests with a weekly purchase limit. These chests might have honing materials, Engravings, or other useful items you can spend gold on and take it out of the economy.

There are a bunch of improvements for Strongholds and the MVP system, along with a new system called Procyon's Protection That will buff players when they first start doing Legion Raids to get them started. After they’ve cleared 11 gates, the buff will disappear.

This is a significant new update, and not just because of the powerful and hard-hitting Reaper. The skill effect update was originally announced last week to give players enough time to prepare for the major change in how skill effects will now apply to characters and not gear. This is intended to simplify the system and to be easier to understand. 

In the full patch notes, the team lays out all of the details from start to finish on how this skill tree effect overhaul will work. For now, though, there is a lot to digest, but it is clear the team hopes this to be simpler once everyone learns the basics.


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