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Lost Ark Update Removes Genderlock, Adds Continent, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Lost Ark has posted an update for Season 2 outlining several new changes.

First up, guardian raids will receive a new challenge and nightmare difficulty. These difficulties will be determined by item level and equipment. The new difficulties will be added to Acates, Igresion, and Elberhastic on January 15.

Photo mode was announced to arrive as well. Additionally, a battle royale island is coming where you’ll have to survive the impending threat of dinosaurs to become last man standing. Genderlock will be removed such that each gender will now have variety to the same class. The update site shows an image of male Battlemaster and female Devil Hunter.

Quality of life changes include:

  • Cross-server Group Finder
  • Expedition Quests Shared
  • More character hair styles
  • Completed Quests list addition
  • Calendar Island improvement
  • Island Heart revamp
  • Avatar presets
  • Guide updates

Other updates include UI improvements, two unannounced classes which were teased, a new continent called Papunika, and more. Check out the full post here, or watch the event below:


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