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Lost Ark Update Opens Express Mission Swaps, Extends Events, and Makes Changes to Combat Botting

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week’s Lost Ark update makes a couple of changes designed to help players out through the different progression events recently added. The update also follows through on the recent announcement of a change to the Express Mission event, letting you swap characters once.

Since Lost Ark launched in the West, Amazon and Smilegate RPG have worked together to address the challenges players might face in this version versus the original launch. The companies have been working together in their partnership to help players on their progression tracks, and recent additions and tweaks reflect this.

The Express Mission event changes in this update will let you swap the character you use in this event one time only, and only if your character has not used the awarded honing bonuses to hone T1 or T2 gear. So if you have a level 50 character with under 1100 item level that qualifies, you can now make the switch. The update also adjusts engravings so that all of them will be available in the reward chests. Any you’ve claimed but not opened will retroactively give potential access to all engravings now.

The end of the Express Mission event has also been extended through July 28th, but you will still have to pick a character, or swap to a new one, before June 30th. 

Today’s update also extends the Casual Guardian Raid event through May 19th, bringing that event end close to the May update.  This change also affects the expiration date for items you get through the event. The rewards table has also been updated, with Gem Chests removed in order to fight bot farming and other items added to the pool. Another change to prevent bot farming in this update affects rewards from early World and Stronghold quests, removing gold and replacing that with new rewards.

See the update notes at Lost Ark.


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