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Lost Ark Update Gifts a New Jukebox Song, Adds Waiting Period to Powerpass Gold, and Fixes Issues

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This week’s Lost Ark update, arriving overnight, fixes several issues, updates the Powerpass rules, and gives all players a special gift.

All players will be getting a free jukebox song called “Consolation”. This song was originally released in other territories to mark Lost Ark’s global launch and the debut in the West. Since the Jukebox was a more recent addition, the song couldn’t be gifted just yet, but now it’s here. Also with regards to the Jukebox, when using the Korean VO, the songs will now play correctly after this patch.

Another notable change in the update concerns the use of Powerpasses. With the Punika Powerpass recently added and active, you can level any one character on your roster to item level 1302 instantly with the pass. Now, there’s a new safeguard being added in the update that will make it so that any gold granted when you use a purchased Powerpass has a waiting period on it. Three days will have to pass before you can use any awarded gold. This is in line with other changes that shifted gold earned to a bit later in the main story quest line and other measures intended to fight against the creation of bots and alt accounts for the early gold.

Also in this week’s update are various fixes for the alarm settings menu, which should work as intended, text updates to make Steam achievements clearer on how to earn them, and removing the Weekly Rapport Chest from the in-game store due to an issue.

Being added in this patch is the Arcanist’s Emperor Gem.

Overall, after last week’s major July update, this week is all about fixes and tweaks. For details on this week’s update, which gets downtime beginning at 12AM PT, head to Lost Ark for the full notes.



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