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Lost Ark Update Fixes Several PvP Bugs, Makes Weekly Battle Items No Longer Random

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Lost Ark’s update this week is a more modest one following the recent huge update and follow ups. The focus is on fixes and player enjoyment changes this time around.

Issues being addressed in the update include several issues affecting the newly added PvP options. One, a glitch that had players starting at Bronze Rank instead of Silver (1500 MMR) when they entered the Competitive Proving Grounds, was fixed. Another issue came when the OT timer wasn’t appearing during PvP.

Other fixes included one for the chat box. Images were circulating around recently showing players able to type in very large or sometimes offensive text in the chat. This has been quickly taken care of.

The weekly battle item bundle has also been changed to no longer be random. Players will be able to choose their preferred battle chest to claim instead of a random award when the update is live.  

Recently, the Lost Ark team also had an update concerning the recently announced Fever Time event, intended to supply players with some helpful rewards for several weekends in a row. This event happens every weekend and players can claim a 3 Battle Items Chest once on Saturday and once on Sunday  by one character on their roster.  Contained in the chest is Healing Item Battle Chest x5, Utility Battle Item Chest x5, and Offensive Battle Item Chest x5. 

Because of a late start where the event did not begin as intended during the first planned weekend, the team has announced that there will be  another Fever Time event that is different from this one. There's no word on when it will happen other than after this event comes to an end. This event is scheduled to end after April 10th, which will be the last day you can claim a reward.

 For today's update, see the notes over at Lost Ark. 


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