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Lost Ark Update Fixes a Few Bugs, CM Responds to Community Questions on April-May Roadmap

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This week’s Lost Ark update focused on a few fixes, and the community had some questions regarding Honing bonuses and the new powerpass announced with the April-May roadmap.

The update notes are brief, with attention given to a major quest issue, the incorrect organization of Metallurgy and Tailoring books, and a bug that allowed for “unintended characters” in chat. The Metallurgy books were mistakenly put into Tier 3 when an exchange was attempted with Mio, the Winter Illusion vendor. The rapport quest for Ealyn, “Time to Heal” was bugged so that players couldn’t load into Ancient Elveria. All of these were addressed in the update.

The community has also been giving feedback on the recently-released (and previously delayed) content roadmap for April and May. Some have expressed concern that there weren’t any specific new Honing related buffs announced. Community Manager Roxx responded, noting that the team is focused on balance first to see if the right levels can be reached in the game first before moving to just throwing bonuses at the (potential) issue if it doesn’t land:

“A specific buff is not currently planned as we continue to work through balancing the system with mats and resources, however we are still monitoring data and further adjustments aren’t completely off the table. If this is something that is adjusted further, it will happen in a patch, and wasn’t included as part of the content roadmap as it isn’t planned to be specifically tied to either of our content updates and instead is more of a “living” situation.”

Some were also looking at the announcement of the Feiton powerpass that players will be able to use to get level 960 gear for a character. Questions of whether this would be a cash shop item, and concerns of being pay to win if it was, came up. Yet, CM Roxx cleared things up and said this will be free, and players will be able to earn it in-game.

For more on the new update, head to Lost Ark.


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