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Lost Ark Update Adds The Machinist Tomorrow, a New Legion Raid, and Starts the First Round of Server Merges

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 Tomorrow, Lost Ark gets its second update this month and the second major content update promised in the updated August and September release schedule. “Rage With the Machinist” is the title of the new update, and it will bring the Machinist advanced class, a new Legion raid, start some new progression events, and begin the first round of previously-announced server merges. Downtime for the content update begins at 12 AM PT and should last about 4 hours, but regions with server merges may see up to 16 hours of downtime.

The Machinist advanced class for the Gunner will have several skill paths to use, including those that make use of the special Hypersync suit, or the drone that the Machinist brings. Using the drone, the Machinist can perform precise ranged strikes. Using the Hypersync ability and the suit, which has hopefully been charged up through landing attacks, the core energy in the suit will be used to fuel special abilities. 

Also in the update is the third Legion raid, and Taking on this challenge will be better if you are not afraid of clowns. Your goal is to take down Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon, and battle members of the Mayhem Legion amid the environments of the Midnight Circus. This Legion raid has three gates, but you will not be able to revive mid-battle. This is a 4-player Legion raid, requiring item level 1475 for Normal difficulty. 

Rehearsal mode will be added this time. This is a practice level, with required IL of 1385 to get a hang of the mechanics. If you are capable and confident enough to do Normal mode, then you will receive the rewards that you would have received if you had done rehearsal first. Both tiers offer some rewards and can only be done once per week. There’s also a new training feature that lets you try the same minigames from within the raid but just for practice.

Similar to previous updates, there are a couple of progression events to help players with their new Machinist or any other classes that need to level up. There’s a new free Punika Powerpass and a series of special event missions from tomorrow through November 23rd. These will work similarly to Express Events and you can choose just one character to participate with.

This update also begins the first round of the server merges that were announced earlier. Some servers are merging and the merged servers will mostly also change their names. (For more details on this, see this post).

Read the patch notes for “Rage With the Machinist” over at Lost Ark.


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