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Lost Ark Update Adds Opportunities to Earn Login Rewards and Lets You Fight the Chicking for Another Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This week’s Lost Ark update has been added, and there are just a few changes of note. There’s some more time to earn login rewards and you can continue turning into a chicken or a beer to take on the boss in the Wild Wings Island event just a little longer.

Given recent queues and issues, the addition of a new track with 5-days of new login rewards should help those who’ve had issues getting into the game and may have missed their rewards. This new addition will work in a way that lets players continue to earn the rewards for the previous month while also being able to earn from the new 5-day track as well. This gives extra time to get your stuff and not miss out if you missed anything from the regular login rewards track.

The other change this week affects Wild Wings Island. If you’ve been enjoying the content added in May, it has now been extended. Originally scheduled to end today, the extension is for one week, along with event rewards and expiration. 

If you haven’t gotten into the event, then now’s your chance to travel to the island, turn into a chicken or a beer, and take on the huge Chicking boss in “Revenge of the Chicken!”. Beat the boss and earn a pile of festival coins, which you can trade for event item rewards. Some of these are consumables, while others are cosmetics like the Chicking Hat. If you haven’t picked up the Honing books here, you have another week to do that.

Overall, this week’s update seems to be making good on helping players to not miss out on potential rewards, and help for those affected by recent queues and issues. 

You can read this week’s update patch notes over at Lost Ark.


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