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Lost Ark to Begin Rolling Out Required Two-Factor Authentication to Add Security

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The ongoing battle against fraud and scams in Lost Ark continues, and Amazon has an update on prior and new measures, including the planned rollout of required two-factor authentication through Steam.

When it comes to scams, fraud, and botting, Amazon already introduced several attempts to help reduce their occurrence. While an announced large banwave still hasn’t had a followup for the community, they’re adding additional security. One of the previously introduced measures was the ability for a player to set up a “trusted” status in Lost Ark using a “trusted” Steam account. 

Players who hadn’t had their Steam accounts marked as trusted in this way lost access to some in-game social features as a result, like sending gifts, sending in-game mail with attachments, and initiating trades with other players. This was a policy that affected some free to play players most negatively, as making your Steam account “trusted” involves having made purchases on that account. This policy, which the team announced they are continuing, will get another part:

 "We are testing a roll out of additional measures that will require players that are not already ‘Trusted’ through Lost Ark (but have a ‘Trusted’ Steam account) to have two-factor authentication set up on their Steam account to earn Trusted status”.

While initially, the requirement will only be active for a small number of players, they will increase that number over time. If you’re a Lost Ark player with a Trusted Steam account, you can already get started and add two-factor authentication if you haven’t.

As with the first part of the policy that used trusted Steam accounts, the team promises to “monitor the impacts of this new requirement to ensure legitimate players are not being locked out of gameplay systems”. 

For more on the update, including how to get things set up and where to report feedback to the team, head over to Lost Ark.


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