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Lost Ark Team Updates Top Issues, Addresses Bot and Economy Concerns, and More Support for Europe Servers

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The huge March update for Lost Ark  went live yesterday, with Abyss Raids, new quests, and much more.  Today, the team continued to update the community on  a series of known issues, including server access and the Europe Central queues, as well as helping players continue to get started and to progress on Europe West if they have moved.

Some of the top issues that they've highlighted were of course the beginning of the ongoing bot bans. Their work to identify and ban over a million botting accounts is rolling out over time, and some are already seeing the resulting impact on some of the servers. They continue to roll out the first million bans and promise more will happen on an ongoing basis, along with the development of new tools to make bots harder to make in the first place.  

Players have also been concerned about the effect on the in-game economy from having so many bots. The Lost Ark team has changed the gold reward for the some Rapport and Guide quests in the main line to prevent bots from simply racking up the gold so easily. They’ll also monitor the economy and will adjust things later if necessary.

European servers continue to see some improvements, this includes Europe Central having better queues, which is related to improving game stability and likely, the bot bans. The Europe West March login reward campaign will be a modified login bonus campaign. The list is not yet revealed but while other regions will get a different login campaign, things will be beefed up a little bit to help support the players who started on Europe West or moved over and started fresh once the server region was opened.

Other changes they've added include a new language filter for area chat that will filter and let players select specific languages to view. This will help in certain regions so that it won't be too distracting or confusing by having multiple languages quickly flashing by it once in area chat.

For the updated list of top issues, head over to Lost Ark. 


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