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Lost Ark Team Responds to Feedback, Promises to Use Every Option to Handle Queues and Current Issues

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 The Lost Ark team is continuing to work on the issues caused by demand as well as ongoing queues in the Europe Central region. There is an update on the current issues including feedback on current issues and requested solutions, as well as what the team is currently able to commit to improving. 

The Europe West region opened last week and was a quick response to the Europe Central queue times. End Smilegate RPG worked to quickly start the new region in order to attempt to alleviate queue times and provide more capacity for European players. The queues on Europe Central persist though, so the team is still trying to get people to either move to Europe West if they haven’t gotten extremely far into the game by offering bonuses and a one-time duplicate of any Founder’s Pack bonuses they might have purchased. Yet, with some rolling on the new servers and others still waiting in queues, there have been other suggestions like server transfers or expanding the game’s Power Pass system. 

Lost Ark  lacks server transfer options, though it was only recently added in Korea and does not exist for the Western build yet. It’s also not cross-regional, so even if it appeared, it wouldn’t be a viable solution for many anyway. The Power Pass is something you earn through playing but requires you to get at least one character to 50 first, and then you can easily get additional characters leveled to cap with the Power Pass. Using the Power Pass to help some transfer to new regions was floated as a request but it’s also not viable for this purpose.

Overall, the Amazon team continues to work with Smilegate RPG to address these ongoing issues, with a commitment to use every available option. The team is also working to fix several bugs, among them matchmaking errors and missing or glitching Crystalline Aura. They’re also vowing to monitor and ban for gold/RMT spam.

For the full update on current issues, head to Lost Ark.


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