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Lost Ark Team Promises Roadmap is Coming Soon, Updating on Top Issues After Community Feedback

There's a gift for those affected by recent downtime too.

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There are some updates on the top issues that the Lost Ark team is focused on for improvement. Meanwhile, players who logged in in late March should see a “Maintenance Compensation” gift in their inventories. 

Leading off the current update is more info about the promised content roadmap. Because the roadmap had to be reformulated to accommodate changes for the Western release, the team is still finalizing it. Since it's already April, they wanted to ensure that player feedback is being taken into account and the roadmap is on the way. Included will be upcoming classes, raids, continents, and additional updates aimed for this month and next month.

They still want your feedback on Honing difficulties you may still have. They’ve worked to improve honing with the addition of improved Grand Prix rewards, the Event Guardian Raid, and PvP rewards, but they plan to  expand the opportunities to get materials.

Recent actions intended to help reduce the number of bots have had an impact using the new Steam verification system. However, because the Steam verification system requires having spent money, Free to play players who don't, or can't, spend money to get the verification are losing access to social features like initiating trades or sending mail with attachments. They promise to keep an eye on related feedback.

Meanwhile, a Maintenance Compensation package should be in your inventory if you logged into Lost Ark between March 21st and March 31st. Due to the number of outages and downtime,  including the sudden hotfix on March 31st, they decided to help everyone out a little bit. Claim the box and you will get:

  •     Phoenix Plume x 20
  •     Crystalline Aura (3 days)
  •     3 Battle Items Chest
  •     Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixir (14 days)

The elixir countdown will start as soon as you claim it.

For more on the Lost Ark top issues and feedback, see the community update here.


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