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Lost Ark Team Has Details on Addressing the 'Art of War' Update Issues

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The Lost Ark March update, “ The Art of War” is live after some issues initially caused extended downtime and some doubt as to whether the update would be added at all. The team was able to clear the update after fixing the main issue, but additional fixes have been needed, with more to come next week.

“The Art of War” is a big update, with a ton of balance changes, fixes, and a number of adjustments affecting a number of systems in Lost Ark. This is in addition to the two biggest pieces added to the game,namely the new Artist advanced class, the first Specialist added to the game, and the 48x48  PvP mode, Tulubik Battlefield. Given that the update notes are lengthy, with a lot of different changes, there are more chances for something to not quite work.

The issues began to surface during the scheduled downtime, and there were warnings that the update might need to be delayed, before a later update said that they had fixed the main big issue at hand. The downtime was extended several times, and there are some downtime compensation gifts on the way. 

  • Crystalline Aura (3 days) x1
  • Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixir (14 days) x1
  • Collective Battle Item Gift Chest x1

That said, the team has been working on addressing these lingering issues with the patch. Updates for a couple of the bigger issues have been made, with more work to come. These include errors when buying Royal Crystals and issues with missing or incorrect audio and some text errors when using the Korean VO DLC.  

With the crystals, making sure that the Steam Overlay is on while trying to make purchases and not to click too fast are the current workarounds. The Korean VO issues got an update so fix them, so this should at least be completely 

Other than this, there are other issues with the UI and more that will get fixed with next week’s scheduled update. See the update over at Lost Ark.


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