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Lost Ark Shares Lore as Closed Beta Ends, On Track for Early 2022 Release

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The closed beta for Lost Ark came to an end last week, and the Smilegate team is taking us to Anikka in its latest blog preview to kick off the next series of peeks. 

Anikka is a mysterious land that was featured in the closed beta, but some may have not been able to really take it all in while cleaning up demons. The first preview focuses on the lore behind Anikka and one of its greatest heroes.

A member of the Sidereals that  fought in the Chain War against Kazeros, the hero Sien and his followers were key to ultimate victory. Facing Guardian Luen, they sealed the valley and trapped him. Luen faced the demons within him and requested death, but Sien wanted to help instead, since Guardians had saved him and his loved ones before. Luen then disappeared. A legend was born, and Sien continues to be called upon in Anikka as an inspiration to defeat an enemy, even if they are much more powerful.

The team promises more content and lore drops throughout the coming weeks. Lost Ark is still set for an early 2022 release for all the demon slayers who are waiting to play. The team thanked the closed beta participants and said they will be spending the next two weeks going over the data from the closed beta in order to work on what needs to be done to finish development and polish off the game before its final release.

Lost Ark will be coming to more countries than originally intended, so this undertaking even included a wider closed beta experience. With server work needed to make sure that the wider release makes sense and will be stable, the abundance of data should help them finish things up for launch. With the backing of publisher Amazon Games, Lost Ark seems like it's heading into the home stretch. 


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