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Lost Ark Sets New Round of Fever Time, With Rewards to Help Honing and Battle

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 Lost Ark is getting two more rounds of the weekend-only Fever Time event to close out July. The event will let you claim rewards once on Saturday and once on Sunday. This event joins recently-added progression bonuses in place after the July Spells in Spades update.

Fever Time is a simple event, since it just involves collecting rewards once per weekend day and is limited to one character on your roster. The rewards will be slightly different this time around. This weekend, July 23rd and 24th, the rewards will be:

Saturday, July 23rd

3 Battle Items Chest x1  and Honing Shard Selection Chest x3

Sunday, July 24th

Honing Support Selection Chest x1  and Guardian Stone Selection Pouch x6

Next week, for the final weekend in July, the rewards will change to:

Saturday, July 30th

3 Battle Items Chest x 1 and Honing Leapstone Selection Chest II x 2

Sunday, July 31st

Honing Support Selection Chest x1 and Destruction Stone Selection Pouch x3

Progression bonuses added in the July update are still running and they include the Punika Powerpass, by which you can level any character instantly up to item level 1302 via a one-time use of the pass. Additionally, there are Hyper Express events, so any character at item level 1302+ (including any insta-leveled one on your roster) gains access to a series of progression challenges that can help them get to item level 1370. This also joins Abyssal Challenge Dungeons, which will rewards victorious players with things like honing supplies.

Now, you’ll be able to grab these additional chests if you remember to log in on Saturday and Sunday between 3:01 AM PT and 2:59 AM PT on Saturday and once during the same hours on Sunday to make your claims.

For more, see the event announcement over at Lost Ark.


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