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Lost Ark Roadmap Unveils the Summoner and Reaper and the 'Most Challenging' 8-Gate Brelshaza Legion Raid

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As we start to get into October, Lost Ark has a new roadmap to close out 2022. Now that the Rage with the Machinist update has been released, and server merges have begun, the team takes us into some of the bigger changes and events to look forward to over these next few months.

The announcement begins with two of the major goals to look forward to progress on. Of these, the Reaper and Summoner classes are targeted for release over the next three months to meet the team’s goal of 21 advanced classes released before adding whole new class options. The second is the work in progress Brelshaza Legion Raid, which they’re calling “one of the most challenging, unique, and beautifully dangerous raids in all of Lost Ark”. 

New raids will continue being added before Brelshaza is set to arrive in December, but these will also serve as ways to hone skills and work to overcome complicated mechanics in time for the harder raid. Along the way, expect some new rewards and new materials.

The overall roadmap is a mix of new raids and some older ones at higher difficulty, as well as Guardians, Trials, and, of course, events and gear. This month, we can expect a new raid, Mystic Abyss. This limited time Abyss raid event will work with the  Scale of Harmony effect, making sure any eligible player (item level 1302 and up) matches the Guardian’s level. The month also brings Inferno difficulty to the Vykas Legion raid. We can also expect a new Trial Guardian, Achates, and various Halloween treats.

November will bring the Reaper advanced class for the Assassin. The Reaper specializes in backstabs with their daggers, as well as summoning clones and confusing enemies, opening up opportunities to strike. We can also expect some later balance changes, some new items, improvements to strongholds, and continuing progression of events.

In December, we can expect the Summoner, an advanced class for the Mage. The Summoner uses elemental spirits to call forth powerful abilities. The Caliligos Guardian raid will debut as a new level 6 Guardian. Prepare yourself to face blue thunder. Of course, December is also the month of the Brelshaza Legion Raid. This one has six gates and encounters, so get prepared with the easier version beforehand.

Expect a holiday event, new accessories, some South Vern Void Chaos dungeons and more.

Read the roadmap over at Lost Ark.


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