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Lost Ark Roadmap Reveals New Endgame Content, New Continent, Raids, Events, and Much More in May-July

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Lost Ark Is looking ahead towards May, June, and July, with a brand new updated roadmap. We can expect the close of the Thaemine chapter, a new Trial Guardian Raid, new events, a brand new continent, more raids, advanced honing, and Western-exclusive cosmetics. 

Thaemine arrived this month, with content first releasing weeks earlier to give everyone a chance to progress up to the right range and prepare for the challenging Legion Raid itself (and the challenge to immortalize your group or guild as one of the first to beat the raid). In May, expect the Thaemine epilogue, in the form of a new story quest that will detail what came after his recent assault. 

May will also bring a new way to challenge Hanumatan in the form of a Trial Guardian raid. This version of the Trial Guardian raid will have a few changes, including a higher required item level and first-time clear rewards in addition to the regular rewards. Prepare to meet a 1600 item level for Normal and 1620 for Hard. 

May is pretty packed. Some new cosmetics inspired by 80s and 90s anime are coming, and these will be Western exclusive for six months. Music Box of Memories is getting a new update with six all-new stories from the perspective of everyday residents of Arkesia. Later in the month, the next adventure island, Cruel Toy Castle Island, will offer new adventures, achievements, and other rewards. 

Also in May, expect two major changes. The first updates Strongholds, including adding 29 new structures, and a new system to get info on structures, in addition to buying and trading items. The second major change is the introduction of the Kurzan Prelude event, Chaos Assault, which directly leads into the June arrival of part 2 and the South Jurzan continent.

The new continent starts the next chapter of Lost Ark, and in addition to new quest content, new places to explore, there’s a new offering on the raids front: Kazeros Raid: Ladon. This isn't a singular raid, but the beginning of a set, where you will have to face a series of enemies before you can face Kazeros himself.  Ladon is first. While the team has plenty of story to continue forward, this is new endgame content. Also coming in June is an advanced honing system that offers new ways to upgrade your gear from materials you earn from the Ladon raid.

July brings the Maharaka Festival and more to be announced. The team has a full video breakdown of the roadmap announcements as well, for more insight.


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