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Lost Ark Reverses Accidental Bans, Including of Inactive Player Accounts

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Following the most recent large-scale bot bans over at Lost Ark, it seems that a number of players were also caught in the net by mistake. After reports started coming in of account bans for those who had not played in a long while, the team acknowledged the issue.

Most times that Lost Ark has seen ban waves that aim at bots or scammers, there have been some players caught in the middle by accident, but this time it seems the issue was bigger than expected. Things extended not only to long-idle accounts on the Lost Ark game itself but also to Steam accounts, leaving some with the record of a game ban.

This was one factor that led to some harsh review bombings on Steam and an overall negative pushback from those affected. An official response noted that the ban waves had happened in a larger than intended scope, and that they would work on fixing it.

“Following a recent wave of bot bans, we’ve seen an increase in ban appeals from players who have been incorrectly impacted by these bans.

We have determined the error that triggered these false bans, and are actively working on reversing them for all affected legitimate players.”

As of last night, if you had been unfairly affected, your ban may have already been lifted. “All bans related to this incident have been reversed, both for the Lost Ark game and Steam accounts, and will be removed without penalty shortly,” the team announced in the final official update.  The notification about removing everything without penalty should hopefully clear up the Steam game ban notices. Since Lost Ark uses Steam specifically to verify and to help secure the game, this is important.

While most should probably see this resolved without further action, Amazon is advising to submit a ban appeal ticket if it isn’t.

Read the official updates over at Lost Ark.


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