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Lost Ark Reveals The Striker Class For Korean Server

Coming this month

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Lost Ark's Smilegate recently revealed its new Striker class, coming to the Korean MMOARPG later this month.

The melee character is coming to Korean players on March 17th, and Smilegate dropped a new trailer showcasing the character in action.  The Striker dashes through waves of enemies, decimating all in front of him with literal tornado kicks and devastating punches. It's flashy, yet looks decisively brutal at the same time.

According to MMO Culture, the Striker is the first male character in the Fighter profession. The striker is based on the Battle Master character, though it's reported they will have their own unique skillset. According to the report, the Striker character will "fight like a true martial artist."

Lost Ark is a huge MMOARPG in Korea, so naturally many of us here in the West are waiting impatiently for the game to reach Western shores. 


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