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Lost Ark Previews The Reaper, the Latest Advanced Class Coming on November 16th,

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Preview the Reaper, Lost Ark’s third advanced class for the Assassin, coming next week. If you’re looking for fast-paced quick and hard hits and fast escapes, she might be worth paying attention to. 

In addition to being stealthy, the Reaper has three modes to learn to control and use to your advantage. The first, Normal Mode is where you’ll spend the most time. The second, Persona Mode, can be triggered when you’ve filled your Persona meter, which fills over time, and also when you hit enemies. Once you trigger Persona Mode, you’ll have a limited time to hit hard and fill your Chaos meter. If you fill that, you will enter Chaos Mode. Instead of triggering this one when you’re ready though, Chaos Mode lives up to its name by just happening once you fill the meter.

To better understand the three modes is key. Persona Mode will let you be extra stealthy, and you’ll be able to summon a shadow illusion of yourself. Chaos Mode lasts for just nine seconds, but you’ll get a heavy stack of bonuses to make those seconds really count. Once that time runs out, you’ll be left with a full Persona meter.

Using the three major skill categories and two Engravings is the way to success. Those skill categories are Dagger, Shadow, and Swoop skills. Swoop skills get a 25% damage boost when used in Persona mode, and the other skill types both let you strike hard and fast, escape, and fill your respective Persona and Chaos meters.

Some of the Reaper’s skills let whirl and slash at enemies, throw your dagger, stun enemies, send them up in the air while you escape, and more. So it seems if you want to stealth and show off your power, this may be the class for you.

Expect the Reaper on November 16th, with the new update that will also begin two new progression events and feature the latest edition of the Punika Powerpass.

Head over here to read the full Lost Ark Academy preview of the Reaper.


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