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Lost Ark Patch Fixes Bugs, Sets the Groundwork for the New Europe West Server Region

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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The Lost Ark servers were brought down for downtime to patch the game to fix several issues as well as set up the upcoming new European region, which will be known as Europe West.

The Amazon and Smilegate RPG teams have been working together on establishing the new European server region, and with this update the groundwork has been laid for this new server and you may be able to see it in the selection tab, there's still no date for when the server region will be open. But we should expect it soon since they are moving fast on this.

Other issues fixed in this patch include one where players were finding themselves getting booted off the EU Central region servers, so this should hopefully be fixed for now, with capacity coming once the new region opens. The patch also fixed several other issues that have been affecting the play experience in recent days:

Fixed an issue where Royal Crystal refunds can get stuck pending when using the currency Exchange.

Made improvements to store connection and Product Inventory issues.

Fixed an issue where Procyon’s compass schedule could show an incorrect time for Adventure Islands.

Fixed an issue where dyeing the Northern Lawmaker skin on any Warrior sub-class would prevent the skin from displaying properly.

Fixed an issue where emoticons would be displayed as text when two players with different language settings were chatting.

Fixed an issue with DX11 where the UI Scale becomes offset for after changing from native resolutions while in Full Screen.

These are mostly technical issues, and swatting these bugs is useful. For a game that just launched in the West with huge demand, timing, DX11 scaling issue, and the communication issues were fixed as soon as possible.

See the full update notes over at Lost Ark.


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