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Lost Ark Mystics and Mayhem Event Will Begin on October 26th, Including the New Mystic Abyss Raid

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If you’ve been feeling that what Lost Ark needed was for some themed spooky season event, you’re in luck. Mystics and Mayhem, the next update, will go live on October 26th, with Inferno difficulty Vykas, Achates Trial Guardian Raid, and the introduction of the Mystic Abyss Raid. 

The update will introduce the Inferno difficulty of the Vykas Legion Raid and the Achates Trial Guardian Raid. Yet it is the Mystic Abyss Raid that is set to be a different challenge for the three weeks of the event, which ends on November 16th.

“The Guardian Mystic, formerly known as the Herald of Vairgrys and the Ark Carrier, has begun to cast dangerous mists from the permeated chaos and must be vanquished in this new, limited-time Abyss Raid. Mystic must be defeated, along with other bosses found within his lair.”

Just a little bit of cleanup to handle, right? This raid will use the Scale of Harmony setting, so that at least character stats will be at the enemy’s level, though there’s still a 1302 requirement to take it on.  Mystic is the central encounter, challenge, but those other bosses also await. This raid has three gates, and if you complete it (you get one chance per week), you’ll get some rewards, including Mystic Event tokens, which you can exchange in the usual way, with NPCs who’ll have a selection of rewards. 

The challenge seekers should find something to occupy themselves with during this three-week long event. 

Vykas and Achates aren’t to be underestimated either, with the Inferno difficulty of the demonic and manipulative boss Vykas debuting. If it has been a while since challenging her, taking on an easier difficulty may be a good idea. The Achates Trial Guardian Raid is also going to be using Scale of Harmony, to keep players competitive.

Read the announcement over at Lost Ark.


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