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Lost Ark July Update Will Answer What's After Elgacia, and Treat Challengers to a New Legion Raid

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Lost Ark’s July update will be live tomorrow, and the team is previewing the new quests, progression changes, fixes, events, and the Kakul-Saydon Inferno Legion Raid.

The region of Elgacia has some new quests to play through as an epilogue. You’ll have to have completed the Elgacia quest but once you do,you can grab the quest from Soldier Alexa in Ereonnor’s Military District. If you finish the new quests, you’ll get yourself the Journey’s End jukebox song and a new Vairgrys Questline trigger item. This marks the end of one chapter, taking place with new storylines after the events of Elgacia. Of course, there will be new content to come. 

This update will go live tomorrow, with downtime beginning at 1AM PDT overnight. 

Looking for more content in this patch, there's no shortage of it, with the Kakul-Saydon Inferno Legion Raid for those with an item level 1475+. The team has already shared a guide to each stage and gate of this raid, so if you're looking for some guidance, that info is out there with some tips to help you along to survive and thrive in Inferno mode. 

The Music Box of Memories is new, and will let you experience some new stories about the people of Arkesia. The music box will show up as a gadget, and you can use the newly-added Memory Orbs to play it. These are a new type of collectible that you can find by getting hints on various continents and playing through progress quests to collect more of the orbs and earn yourself some rewards. “Experience new stories of the inhabitants of Arkesia who have not received the spotlight with the Music Box of Memories,” the official description says, adding something new to explore.

The Maharaka Festival is back for all to celebrate and earn some goodies. The event will continue until the August update, when part two will start.

Also in this update is the start of some significant progression updates designed to cut repetitiveness and grind a bit to make things more enjoyable. This is the first round of changes, and these progression updates and support changes, include adjusting the requirements for honing, and gear, and a number of changes to drops and crafting. The August update will have additional extensive progression updates.

To have a little fun, Moko Island will also be discoverable after this update. If you find the island via a special quest, you can battle an evil witch and earn yourself some fun rewards. 

See the full details over at Lost Ark. 


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