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Lost Ark is Getting a Witcher Collaboration in 2023

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Lost Ark will be getting some sort of collaboration with The Witcher in early 2023, according to a new announcement today. 

“What new adventures will Geralt stumble upon in Arkesia?” the tease states, giving away no info other than the general timeline. The content, whatever it may be, is set to go live in the original Korean version of Lost Ark this month, so this should shed some light on what we might expect for the international release. Some screenshots posted on Reddit from the Korean version of the new collaboration are already up, and what they show includes (spoilers) Ciri, the back of Geralt being approached by a player, and a very distinctive wolf symbol.

With the number of creatures, giant Guardians, and other difficulties over in Arkesia, it’s not hard to imagine that Geralt and content inspired by his adventures could find some kind of home in Lost Ark. This is a world where many are lining up to fight, and sometimes get royally wiped by huge, monstrous beasts. Maybe they could use some help?

There has been much talk about The Witcher recently, with CD Projekt Red having made a series of announcements on its future, in-development projects. These included news that there was work happening on several new Witcher-based projects. One of those projects was officially announced as a full remake of the original The Witcher RPG in Unreal Engine 5. There is, of course, a new Witcher game in development, as was officially announced a while back. 

Even The Witcher Netflix adaptation has been in the news, since that show is losing its star, Henry Cavill, and recasting with Liam Hemsworth as Geralt in season 4. 

As for Lost Ark, as noted, the Korean game will get this content soon, and globally, in early 2023.


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