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Lost Ark Holds Two Downtimes to Address Pheon issue and Includes Extra Compensation

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 Lost Ark  held some additional downtime for two patches addressing issues from over the past week’s updates. 

Overnight, the team brought the servers down for an emergency hotfix that was intended to help players that had been reposrting issues like having a negative Pheon balance preventing some from using the Auction House.

The in-game email the team sent out with Pheons attached at the start of the week, later to find people exploiting the inclusion, was initially resolved with a patch and a decision to let all players keep their claimed Pheons. However, this was later rescinded, and with the November update, "Feasts With Friends", the team did remove the excess Pheons in the name of fairness, granting each player a compensation pack and a one-time 30-Pheon grant. For most, this was likely to be in excess of what they had claimed, but for some who claimed more and then spent over 30, the team warned that they would run a negative Pheon balance.

Another issue addressed with the emergency hotfix had to do with the Hyper Express Event Epic Engraving Recipe chests. The event was inadvertently giving an excessive amount of these chests, and the patch adjusted it to the  max of 40, but disabling the recipes from bsing used. Today’s second downtime made those recipes usable again.

The update also cleaned up a couple of other issues. With the November update, the special event missions that followed September's big update, "Rage with The Machinist", were originally scheduled to stick around through November 23rd but accidentally ended a week early. To make up, there will be another week of the event from November 23-30. 

Due to the number of issues the week has seen unfold, and servers come down to fix, the Lost Ark team is offering another, different compensation pack containing 30 Pheons, a Punika Growth Pack, and a Legendary Engraving Book Selection Chest.

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