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Lost Ark Getting New Fever Time Event This Weekend, Server Downtime compensation Begins Going Out

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Lost Ark is getting an all-new round of the Fever Time event. This weekend, Spring Fever Time will begin on Sunday, April 16th, one character on every player's roster will be able to claim items via a Fever Time button.

The three items you'll be able to get, once on Saturday and once on Sunday are:

    [Masterwork] Master’s Moist Omelet (Bound) x3

    Regulus’ Light Currency Chest x3

    Phoenix Plume x10

You’ll be able to collect your items between 3:01 AM PT and 2:59 AM PT Saturday and Sunday. 

The first edition of the Fever Time event ended last Sunday, April 10th, but the event had a late start, which is one reason behind a new one so soon. The event didn't go live the first weekend it was intended to, so the team promised to have a second edition of Fever Time after the first one but didn't indicate it would happen immediately. The loot you can walk away with is different this time, so it should help you out even if you got your items during the first rotation of items.

If you play on North America West Region servers Mari and Valtan, you should be seeing some compensation awards heading your way. Those two servers needed to come down for a hotfix after players were getting disconnected and otherwise seeing a lot of server instability. Because of the down time needed for the update and then the problems followed by the update that needed an additional downtime period to fix, the team is giving some compensation items to those affected by the issues. If you were playing (or trying to log in) and on those servers, either on Saturday April 9th or Sunday April 10th, those affected should be seeing a compensation package arriving in their inventory that contains 3 Battle Items Chest and a 1-day Crystalline Aura. 

For more, see the update over at Lost Ark.


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